Welcome to Kidztown!

There is a place for ALL children birth thru 5th grade. Kidztown is comprised of two sections, Downtown and Uptown. Birth thru pre-K will spend their time in DOWNtown while K – 5th grade students will be in UPtown!



Make sure you let our INCREDIBLE Volunteers  know at the KIDZTOWN welcome center so that we may answer all your questions and introduce you to our staff!

What is Kidztown?

Kidztown is a high energy, fun and relevant ministry designed specifically with your kids in mind! Children enjoy creative, age appropriate bible teaching in a safe and nurturing environment. We believe that JESUS is the coolest guy that ever walked the planet and strive to reveal him to children in a real and relevant way. We provide a seat for every child but we guarantee they’ll only need the edge of it!!




We believe that inside every child is a God given calling and purpose that is crucial to the body of Christ! We strive to encourage each child to enter into a personal relationship with the coolest guy to ever walk the planet…JESUS!! In addition, we challenge them to step out in faith because according to Luke 1:37…‘nothing is impossible with GOD.’


Jeremiah 29:11 says that GOD has BIG plans for us…to give us a future and HOPE. This promise in God’s word doesn’t have an age limit! When we place our trust in Jesus he is faithful and will honor his word regardless of our age. We help cultivate each child’s personal relationship with their Savior so that they realize and grab ahold of that HOPE!


We commit to provide a safe, nurturing and FUN environment that kids can’t wait to get to each week! We believe that this is the best atmosphere for learning and developing meaningful relationships. According to Genesis 2:18, we were not created to be alone and community creates comfort. In addition to our large group settings, we also spend time in intimate, age appropriate small groups. The fastest way to obtain comfort for a child is through FUN. Our services are fun, interactive and exciting just like our GOD!!


The greatest challenge that we have is taking a NEVER changing gospel to an EVER changing world. The church today has more stuff than ever to compete with our message. Between social media, games and the internet it is imperative that we remain relevant. Gone are the days of flannel boards and nap time (some of you old-school-ers know what I’m talking about). We strive to make our ministry cutting edge through video, awesome praise and worship, live characters and interactive learning. Even in doing so, we are committed to make sure that the inerrant, infallible word of GOD remains the basis for everything we teach and preach!




I need to make wise chioces!


I can trust GOD no matter what!


I should treat others the way I want to be treated!