Senior Pastors

Pastors David and Stephanie Edmondson are the Senior Pastors at Covenant Connections Church, Founders of Covenant Connections Church Apostolic Fellowship, Covenant Connections Church International, and president of Covenant Life School Of Ministry. Pastor David holds an Associates Degree in Practical Theology from Spirit Vision Bible College in Gainesville, GA. Pastors David and Stephanie live in Flowery Branch, GA. with their two children, Noah and Reagan.

Worship Pastor

Pastor Jerry Leaphart and his wife Rebecca have served CCChurch and Pastors David and Stephanie for sixteen years. Together they are heads of the Worship and Arts Department, Small Groups, Host Teams and Social Media. Pastor Jerry serves as the COO and Directional Leadership Pastor for CCChurch and maintains the daily operations on campus. Pastors Jerry and Rebecca live in Flowery Branch, GA. with their daughter Eden Grae.

Assistant to Sr. Pastors

Lynn Queen serves as the assistant to Pastors David and Stephanie . She also assists our office staff, keeps the CCChurch calendar and is our events coordinator. Lynn and her husband Mike have served at CCChurch for eight years. They have two daughters and four wonderful grand children.

Pastor Of Hispanic Ministries

Amilcar is Amazing! He and his wife Sonia manage our hispanic ministry. We love Amilcar for his heart and passion for people.

Office Assistant

Our Office Assistant, Angie Fritz, also is the director of our Prayer and Altar Ministry, Director for our school of ministry, and inputs all our data entry for our systems at CCChurch! Her and her husband David Fritz have served in Ministry for eight years and have one son, Wyatt.

Central Operations Pastor

Pastor Ryan and his wife Stephenie have been involved at CCCchurch since the beginning. Ordained in 2011 God promoted them to a higher calling and responsibility. They have two amazing children Evie & Asher. Ryan serves in media, entrepreneur, operations, marketing, and live church. Stephenie serves as one of our churches trusted intercessory team members.

Director of Home Missions

As Director of Home Missions Mrs. Monica is passionate about helping others in our churches local reach. She manages our food pantry and is almost always involved in everything we do for locals. She has a huge heart for the broken hearted and poor. She has beaten cancer and lives her life to serve and give back to God what He gave to her “LIFE”.

Chariots Of Fire – Lead Pastor

As Chariots of Fire Lead Pastor Chuck and his wife Mindy manage and organize events for our motorcycle ministry. Our motorcycle ministry has been successful in bringing the lost to our church. This ministry has been influential in our involvement in our community. It’s not uncommon to see a bunch of motorcycles in our parking lot on Sunday morning. Chuck is also a great preacher and brings passion when he’s preaching or just in conversation about Jesus.

Covenant Life School Of Ministry – Chancellor

Pastor Mark Allison and his wife Lu are the heads of our Bible College at CCChurch, Covenant Life School Of Ministry! Mark holds a Masters in Biblical Theology from Lee University, a BA in Missiology from Toccoa Falls College and a Masters in Arts and Anthropology from The University Of Georgia.