Blake Turner and his family have been a part of CCChurch for years. July 3, 2018, Blake was involved in a motorcycle accident leaving him in critical condition. After months in the hospital, Blake not only faces years of rehabilitation but the mounting costs of hospital and rehab bills.


Bikers For Blake is a benefit motorcycle ride and church-wide fellowship for Blake Turner to help alleviate some of the financial pressure that the motorcycle accident has caused.

Blake was on I16 on his motorcycle, he was riding in the left lane and was struck by a distracted driver. When the vehicle hit Blake’s front wheel fender it caused he and his bike to become airborne.

Blake was immediately taken into surgery for severe bleeding and the attempt to save his left leg. His pelvis was shattered along with a broken tibia. Part of his calf and thigh muscle have been removed which will limit his range of motion. He also had a ruptured lung sack, dislocated shoulder and ankle on the right side of his body.

Blake has undergone many surgeries and will continue to need a lot of rehabilitation and assistance with medical needs.

Blake graduated from Armstrong University where he majored in Business and minored in Finance. He has been an extremely talented ball player his whole life, all the way through college. Blake has hung up his jersey with dreams of attending flight school. This accident has postponed those dreams for hopefully just a short time.

Those of you who know the Turner family understand just how tight of a bond they have. Momma Bear has not left his side. Mark is commuting over 4 hours each way to and from work in order to support his family. This family will always do whatever it takes to support each other.

The Turner family has been faithful to Covenant Connections Church and have asked for nothing but our continued prayers.



Ride your motorcycle at the event.


  • Registration – 9:30AM
  • Kickstands Up – 10AM
  • $25 per Motorcycle – $10 Per Passenger

Corporate Sponsor

Do you own a business or work for a business that would be interested in being a corporate sponsor for our event? Become a corporate sponsor!

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Want to give to the cause? Become a sponsor! Your name will appear on the main event sign as a donor to Bikers For Blake!

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  • Sponsor – $50
  • Tax Deductable
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