We Foster Education

Education and a deeper understanding of God and His word is what you need if you want an answer to your ‘whats’, ‘hows’ and ‘wheres’. At Covenant Life School Of Ministry you will develop a desire for education. You get to know more about yourself as well as others through subjects like The Life Of A Disciple and Communion With God.

We Pursue Excellence

There has been a steady slip in our standards over the last few decades. Whether it is in the quality of work people do on the job, the quality of the education our children receive, or even the quality of our general manners and behavior toward others, too often excellence has been replaced by mediocrity. A “good enough” attitude has replaced “nothing but the best.” CLSM strives to instill excellence into each of our students.

We Practice Honesty

Safety and happiness can only come from individuals, classes, and nations being honest and fair and kind to each other. – C.S. Lewis


When we are honest, we build strength of character that will allow us to be of great service to God and to others. We are blessed with peace of mind and self-respect and will be trusted by the Lord and others.

We Create Fun

Play takes many forms, but the heart of play is pleasure — an important component in learning.

Some people think of fun as the opposite of work. As many of you probably know, it is through play that we do much of our learning. At CLSM we believe that education is important we also believe that it should be fun.

About • CLSM

First Year

  • 01

    Students are taken through the entire New Testament of The Bible and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of The Word.

  • 02

    During first year students log 100 hours of hands on Ministry work in and out of the ministries of CCChurch.

  • 03

    Classes range from Communion with God and The Blood Covenant to The Ministry of Jesus and Church History.

  • 04

    Upon completion of all course work students receive a Diploma of Biblical Theology.

Second Year

  • 01

    Second Year students survey the entire Old Testament and learn the intertestamental period. Students dive deeper into the Word of God.

  • 02

    Each year CLSM classes are taught by incredible instructors. These men and women are Staff and Support Staff at CCChurch.

  • 03

    First and Second year classes are also offered online via live stream. Our online class room is just as interactive as actually being in the classroom.

  • 04

    Upon completion of Second Year Students earn an Associates Degree of Biblical Theology.

Third Year

  • 01

    Third year students begin New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew. 

  • 02

    Many third year students are active in ministry. Students are taught Homiletics (preaching) and etiquette in pulpit ministry.

  • 03

    Covenant Life School of Ministry is accredited through Transworld Accrediting Commission International. And most credits will transfer depending on the institutions.

  • 04

    Other courses include Leadership In Ministry, Cults and World Religions, Biblical Exegesis and Systematic Theology.

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First Year classes – Mondays 6:30-9:30pm • Third Year Classes – Thursdays from 6:30-9:30pm


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